PION Stoneware Milk Jug (Light)


A little extra goes a long way when it comes to setting the right table. With this stoneware jug, you can put milk, juice or dressing on the table in a rustic and stylish way. It has a reactive glaze for a unique look.

Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings as well as a casual dinner. This jug goes well with a rustic table arrangement, or together with dinnerware in darker shades and a variety of glazes and textures.

  • Scandinavian design
  • Stoneware available in two colours.
  • h: 18 cm, dia: 7.5 cm

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h: 18 cm, dia: 7.5 cm




Approved for dishwasher
Approved for microwave

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PION Stoneware Milk Jug (Light)

PION Stoneware Milk Jug (Light)